UwU Tv Topic of semi-topicness (Tv is the best ig -rex) (Tv is super duper epic. Go spamlike her or somethin -FP) (I agree, tv is the best -6)(tv is awesome -tankt)(yeah, tv is awesomazing -Apricity)(TV is the absolute best -Fuwa)



Ne makes something more significant


So you’re calling us all big I’d.iots

I took my time to research


Just nayc di’kut I think so far


Welcome to the forum




Welcome to the forum, @jjcool!


No problem.

If you ever need help, tag me as @A_Metalhead and I’ll come help


I was looking at it yesterday, apparently there’s no word for “not”


Nope I think it’s one between tv and pet


It took me forever to find what he was speaking


What is it called?


Sceret language of secrets


Uhh nah cuz I don’t know it sorry.

And you can call me 6.




Ask STVH she might.

And why I go by 6 is a long story and it doesn’t really matter so just go with it if


It really doesn’t mean a curse word, it’s just more significant than lol


Nope! If you see any cursing, flag it as innapropriate.


No you’re not allowed to curse but people still find ways around it and stuff


Nope, curse words are blocked.

And lm*o should be blocked but it isn’t… hmm @Ana, you should probably block it…


I deleted the post