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whaaaaaaaat who ever said i was on?


You liked my post


@Petrichor hi


Hey @SarcasticTvHead.
How are you?
(Just saw you were on so y’know)
And you @Petrichor but you probably won’t say anything so idk why I bothered tagging you anyway but yeah


I’ve been ok

@Petrichor hello, how are you?


Cool. Any fun stuff or anything?

He probably won’t respond. Why do you always say hi even tho he never says anything back? Sry if I came off as blunt or smth it’s just a genuine questions


I say hi to him and ask him if he’s ok cause I care for him.


Ni nayc di’kut, nayc gar.



Ne’di’kut to you to?


Yeah I get that (for both)


Why did you call us traitors yesterday?


Elek, ne’di’kut = nayc di’kut.


What no I think you’re saying it wrong, it’s supposed to make a word have more of a significance, so like “extremely I’d.iotic”


Who called who a traitor what what’s happening again? @SarcasticTvHead and/or @Petrichor

ayyiegtotebletelpmocyfeltuotsayawlas. Nadiawsevenniaoogdoomdrofebe
Ok bye guys


Ne makes something more significant


So you’re calling us all big I’d.iots

I took my time to research


Just nayc di’kut I think so far


Welcome to the forum




Welcome to the forum, @jjcool!