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Lol today i ate some ramen they gave at school lunch, and that stuff is good lol.


Lol cool, r u home now?


Oh oof well I hope she(?) gets better
Congratulations on the win


Yeah laying in mah bed as usual.


Yeah she



Also my throats been extremely dried since the morning and since the only real warm liquid i drank was the ramen broth i have this weird aftertaste in my throat now lol.





Am I the only one who feels better after listening to sad music


Happy music never lifts my mood if anything.


Sad music makes me feel better and when I stop listening I feel sad


Lofi or chicha can help me get mentally astral project my mind to the moon and when im back i feel better.

Aka i blank my mind and it works.


Saying that made me imagine my pinguino throwing my mind to the moon at tremendous speeds lol.


I found this cool song called Peer Gynt


Intense music speeds me up, but if my minds lazy itll just be as if it were running on a threadmill set to too much speed lol.


Hah lol this just reminds me of some fight scene


This is the kinda music my lazy brain likes,


Hah cool I’m already not mad anymore


Lol i imagine the atmosphere of that song on an orange sunset in a city lol.

Thatd be the best place and time to listen to it lol,


It’s a really pretty song


Heres another favorite of mine.