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Him and a friend teamed up on me and pressured me about a ship till I gave in cause I didn’t like how they were treating me about it


you mean petrichor x fizzy?

how bad did it get for you w/ em bothering you?


Petrichor and Athena constantly writing over my stuff #Petrizzy and Petrichor spammi.ng my account #Petrizzy and changing my username to #petrizzy


Every time I tried to write they would cover it up


did u try speaking over using ur other accounts like pickles?


No it was on a whiteboard and I couldn’t keep up with them anyways


lol u should´ve spammed cleared the board ´till they gave up lol.


Petrichor would have continued on my account tho


“Oof that ain’t fun at all… anything I can do to help, tv? I’d stay and help y’all more but it’s lunch and it’s easier to talk over a wbf so if y’all wnana do that…?”

If I can help too lemme know


telling them somehow to stop, like in hs app putting a :// face or in wb putting a giant STOP
or something so that they can get it in their heads that they needa stop.

im an expert at making my point get accross, which is why im so dangerous when im moody oof.


He can’t take me seriously tho he just makes me sad sometimes


No I’ll deal with this myself I’m ok


“K sure.” -Fp


not even a paragraph of rant works, or like a drawing rant thing?


brb oof,


I ranted to Athena, she said she was sorry about it and wouldn’t do it again


Well that’s good at least.
What are you gonna do abt Petrichor tho?


He can do whatever he wants idc


Okey cool.

How’s stuff going other than that?
Btw If you don’t wanna talk tell me and I’ll go away


Grens been sick, I won a game of GimKit(kinda like a kahoot) with the username :tropical_fish: and that’s really all