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ok idk if this works tho


I want 3,427 wives/husbands in my dream world cause it would be #lit to see them all fighting over me


It’s just < big >, nothing else


what the man…




Tvs are a interesting species


im just gonna project hypnosis things to all the screens in the world




i think my idea is better than


Oh that’s just one of the parts of my plans


i has the brainy brains :crazy_face:


That would be incredibly saddening for Tv to watch


how, i would hypnotise you and you would feel no emotion


One knows it’s not brute power to rule the world, it’s money.

I’d be rich so I could rule the world with money cause that’s how this world works


i would be so rich becus petrichor would make me moneys by hacking gucci (under my control) and you would make me rich by giving people illegal livestreams of movies for 1000000 buckaroos


But where are you gonna get the technology, money and people to make the hypnotic thing for you, huh?


Oh we don’t backstab the Master


oh i do and then i laugh and his fishy face stares at me with emptyness


@Petrichor hon you should read these! Very interesting!


i hvae to go, we will argue more on wihich way to enslave the world tomorrow,