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Cause if I hadn’t commented on a pm with Petrichor a few days ago (I was testing stuff) the mods probably wouldn’t of found mine with him and he’d be fine


That stinks

But I don’t think he’d ha te you for that.


Have you met him


It’s an honest mistake, and your friends would understand. PMs were fun I guess but just like whíteboards and pádlet, they’re just not going to be part of here anymore, unfortunately. It’s not your fault at all, it probably would’ve happened eventually.


None of your true friends would turn against you bc of this, I promise you that.


But still, it’s probably my fault if he gets suspended.


I doubt they’ll suspend anyone after the first warning. And if they wanted to suspend him, they would’ve done it already, right? I rlly think it’ll be okay. Don’t jump to the worse scenario possible and then get urself worked up about it, yknow?


But I know it’s gonna happen, Ana’s sleeping. T1 just figured out this stuff.


Worse part was besides suspending him, I might have made Fea lose their Leader badge


Oh no me too
Cuz they do have a group

I’m going to kick myself if they lose leader…


I’m just so embarrassed and upset with myself

I’m so st.upid.


Why would staff even remove it?


So maybe suspensions won’t happen STvH


When I get home I think I’m going to post a drawing of Billie Eilish on hopscotch then probably get off


Hey tv did something happen to make you unfollow everybody or did you just refollow me?


Something happened but whatever really, it’s over now


I’ve been overreacting far too much lately and I think something is definitely wrong


My emotions have been kinda everywhere


I’ve stopped caring about things I used to care about


I should probably post in the mental health topic but I’m too chicken to do it.