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I have no clue


We could hide from Petrichor




He’ll never find us, cause we’ll be in his socks


I think he just found us.

I’ll go hide elsewhere now


Ok I’ll be in his pocket


I’ll be on my roof in a secret place

Ooh no I know. I’ll hide in my name. That way he’ll never find me bc he doesn’t know my irl name


But hey hey Tv will find you


Yeah and that’s K with me



Oof lol

I gtg, ttyl


Oof okay

Cya later tv!!


Didn’t really think it would come down to this.
But, I guess I’m… “ok” with a suspension.
I guess it really kinda was my fault.


A few people are gonna be mad at me, but I mean I guess I can’t be hurt when I’m not there.


This is just all my fault.


Welp you’re prob not the only one who’s done it so
I did do it too

It’s not your fault


But I did it recently too


It’s just all my fault.


Idrk what ur talking about…but I’m sure that nobody holds anything against you. You’re not to blame, and even if u rlly do think u r, there’s no point beating urself up over it. It will pass and it will be okay.


A few people probably ha.te me now


Several users including me and tv PMed using the group requests and we might get suspended for it. Or whatever Ana decides to do.

And why would they hat e you?