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Ah ok thanks lol
It’s so obvious


Aww thanks
I really hope he’s fine, how did he end up in there?


Ok so that only applies for him good to know :upside_down_face:



No you too


Tv I’m your mom and I give hugs
You can’t unfriend me or legally disôwn me or smth til ur 18 which ur not so


Mom lol
Man I wish I had a grandmother who cared smt…


Dang you and being smarter

But I can rUn awAy


It’s a joke y’know

:((// yeah I wish you did too. U deserve so much better



Well then I’ll never stop looking for you


Yeah I know

They give cookies and stuff,
And they don’t bribe you to tell everyone your parents were bea ting you


I’ll hide under Petrichor’s bed, nobody will look there


if you find me there, I’ll hide in his sock drawer


you find me there, I’ll hide in his uhhh dishwasher


if it continues, I’ll hide in his gloves


I’ll find u no matter where you are and keep u safe child


you wouldn’t find me in his basement


Yes I would


I’ll hide in his shower


I’ll hide with you.
Maybe on the roof?


what are we hiding from then