UwU Tv Topic of semi-topicness 🐠 (Tv is the best ig -rex) (Tv is super duper epic. Go spamlike her or somethin -FP) (I agree, tv is the best -6)(tv is awesome -tankt)(yeah, tv is awesomazing -Apricity)(TV is the absolute best -Fuwa)(TVs are fine. -HSer)



I throughly that was Sd gt lol
What’s it called?


Yeah on her gt.

Nvm it’s fine


Oh okay
Jazz has one too
I want to tell them how good you’re doing
But why the trouble, doesn’t it have to do with the me nt al health topic?


Exactly, that’s the point. Sds topic is kinda mean to us and it can well go in Jazz’s. And we can’t even see Jazz’s so that offers y’all more privacy and freedom ig.
And ty, in that case, PLEASE offer your opinion

WHAT? Not that has nothing to do with anything!!
On the men.tal hea.lth topic, I edited out some inappropriate content and DV got mad a topic me and started bashing on me for it and then SD agreed with her and made a reporting topic for leaders and is now just posting stuff about us and arguing that it shudnt go in Jazz’s topic


Yeah I will
They’re too harsh on you

Oh ok, cause I thought that was why the argument starting, it it should be edited due to, I mean, a dream about that sensitive a topic is…


There is this pin button on the topic of Jazz’s
If I tap it, I can turn it up and down
What does that mean?


Yeah tysm

Yeah agreed. And I just edited out those three words abt the specifics of that dream, nothing else


Also sorry for saying about the drea, topic lol, didn’t mean too


It means the topic is either pinned or unpinned.
Pinned means that it’ll always show a thing the very top of latest.
Unpinned means it’ll show in regular order


lol it’s okay


Is this the topic?

What am I supposed to do?
It says refrain from tagging certain people


Sksjskskaksjsksjsksjskk @SarcasticTvHead @Petrichor @Tankt2016 @CoderOfMagic ily guys so much I rly do tysm HH I owe yall


No you don’t If the slytherin common room is the best


No problem?
I’m always here!


Yes I believe that’s the topic.

But it won’t let me enter it I get that message non regs get when they try to go to a lounged topic.


Lol no need I would have done it anyways


Ahh ok so you can’t see it, sneaky

Don’t worry
Could I just put my opinions about how the leaders are doing a good job?


Lol no I can’t
Which is also why I tell people to use that bc if u say smth not so nice, we won’t be able to see it and wouldn’t end up possibly feeling hurt

Yeah of course I think you can. Go for it



This is why I rly love yall


Wait @SarcasticTvHead

You write ship fanfics?

Me too lol