UwU Tv Topic of semi-topicness 🐠 (Tv is the best ig -rex) (Tv is super duper epic. Go spamlike her or somethin -FP) (I agree, tv is the best -6)(tv is awesome -tankt)(yeah, tv is awesomazing -Apricity)(TV is the absolute best -Fuwa)(TVs are fine. -HSer)



I am back so soon I was not so careful there almost got caught around a corner


Oh no that was not goodo

Be sneaky Jeffery


Jeffery has gained luck thank you


Luck level up! Yay!!!


Uh oh where did Jeffery go


What? Who reported it? Show yourself!


Tv check your drafts.

It worked.


Hey @Petrichor
How are you?


Petty good.


Aaaaa thank you <333

The password is fine lol


Hi tv!
Any of you feel like doing me a favor?



No problem. :)


Yep I got u


I’m rlly hungry :(((


The thing on SDs topic where they essentially bash on us and not use the Leader reporting topic thing that Jazz made
An opinion or two would be nice eheh.


:((( why can’t u eat smth rn?


I gotcha



Thanks dude


I’m going to go do that.
Which topic?


The SD one where she tagged y’all askng for your tea