UwU Tv Topic of semi-topicness 🐠 (Tv is the best ig -rex) (Tv is super duper epic. Go spamlike her or somethin -FP) (I agree, tv is the best -6)(tv is awesome -tankt)(yeah, tv is awesomazing -Apricity)(TV is the absolute best -Fuwa)(TVs are fine. -HSer)



Another brick in the wall obviously, it’s like their best song on there

All the parts of it



And the KoRn cover of it was p sic too haha


AH yeS I love that cover

I’ve just been listening to SOAD on repeat for today ;^; I’m just in love


I’m just in love with music in general too lol


Music makes everything better


yeahup, that it does

Wanna play t or d or smth?


Ha sure, wanna go in CoM’s GT and ask them if they wanna play too?


That is a possibility


A General Topic
or a different one
I’ll ckecko


I forgot
Drama needs to take place


Here, now u can keep replying uwu lol


Tv is here :00000 hi Jonny


I got locced out of replying for a time
Now I’m scared :cry:


Oh no, -1 will help us :000


@0-1 please hhelp
We can share pizza too


-1 i love pizza do u love pizza


-1 I love pizza too love-s brb


O ok come back soon


Almost got incapacitated there my bad


Tsk tsk Jonny you really need to be more careful