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We won’t wipe out GTs, don’t worry :slight_smile:


Lol I’m pretty good actually, I’ve been listened to Metal a lot more than normal


I’m glad ur good dude.
Yes yes metal is awesome lol. Once u said u only listened to it when ur sad or mad or smth. That changing?


Kinda ig, I’m not mad or sad so maybe. I was just craving it yesterday


Well it’s good if u are im either way it can help you cope with stuff so

Have u listened to any new-er metal lately?


Not really I’ve just been switching between Slipknot and SOAD


Hah yeah that’s basically my life
Fav song from each?


Right now just Aerials for SOAD, idk for Slipknot.


Yeah Aerials is a rly good song.
I played it as the soundtrack thing for a movie in school once and a couple people were crying at the end lol


I just honestly love every single song by SOAD

How I found SOAD is a interesting story


Oh sic can I hear the story?


tV did you just disappear on me oh no


My dad was singing a few songs (I was maybe 11) and he ended up showing me this one song called “Pizza Pie,” my sister and I thought it was really funny. I got home the next day and looked it up, and I accidentally clicked on another video by them called “Radio” so then I completely fell in love

My mom wasn’t happy that I found them cause of language and stuff, so I would sneak it for a while till my dad finally persuaded my mom to let me listen to them

Sorry I had a lecture in science


lol that’s a great way to discover bands
I’m glad ur mom let u listen to them

It’s chill haha I was kidding


My mom doesn’t like me listening to stuff over like a PG-13 rating or something like that

Mom I’m 14 gonna be 15 in a few months please


Oh wow that’s a big oof


My dad let me watch “The Wall” tho if u know what that is


Yeah lol ofc ik that it’s rly good


Yeah hehe Pink Floyd is awesome



I used to sing my brother to sleep occasionally and he used to love it when I sang Pink Floyd for him lol. His fav was prob money or another brick in the wall
What’s ur fav?