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idk y i told u this lol


When I grow up I wanna rule the world


so ive heard from my spies your ‘friends’ :smiling_imp:


No I’ve just said it multiple times to you


lol know one knows that tho, becus i am a snEaky boy


Ok then so sneaky boy how sneaky are tho


i am so sneaky u cant even seee mE cus imM SoO DaRRrn SNEAaKyY


If u were really sneaky, I wouldn’t have known u were a +2 supporter :00


i express that openly i do Not ∂ˆßπ¬å¥ µ¥ ´√ˆ¬ π¬å˜ß


Petrichor will smite you


ˆµ ßø ߘ´˚¥ ¨ ˜† ¨˜∂´®ß†å˜∂ †˙ˆß ¬å˜©uå©´
Translation- Im so sneaky u cannot understand this language


I don’t really care about it


did u hear about the oscars


the opening guy for black panther


‘white people dont know im lying’




he said somat in a diff language about growing up in wakanda (its not a real place) he really said white people dont know im lying, its quite funny


Wait wakanda isn’t real


no, did u think it was real


No lol I was being sarcastic I got u