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My toe still hurts @Petrichor what do I do


Oh no :see_no_evil:! Toes :foot: are good, maybe use a doctor :man_health_worker: robot :robot:!


Where am I :eye: gonna get a doctor :man_health_worker: robot :robot:


Go :running_man: to the special farm to have some horses :racehorse: eat a dictionary. Unless it is Canada :canada: day.



Yes horses :racehorse: do that and cannot eat dictionaries then.


So I must hide in a refrigerator that day then? This is bad :crying_cat_face:


If it’s broken you’ll probably have

  • pain and tenderness in your toe
  • pain when you walk/put weight on your foot
  • stiffness
  • swelling
    A broken toe often heals in about 4-6 weeks but it could take as long as 8 weeks for more severe breaks.

If it is broken


Thanks, it’s a lot better than going to the doctor :man_health_worker: Robot :robot:


Are you :tv: a horse :racehorse:?


I am a :tv: I am nothing but a :tv:


ye thas me lolololol


Tv still doesn’t like +2


welp i still hope you will see the light in the dark


I already found the dark I don’t go for the light


ik, u need tomfind the light in the dark


…so a flashlight?


ye, a flashlight of wisdom


I go by the CHEINSTTROARLY, thanks


when i grow up ima be a proffensional rapper
and i will be so edgy