UwU Tv Topic of semi-topicness 🐠 (Tv is the best ig -rex) (Tv is super duper epic. Go spamlike her or somethin -FP) (I agree, tv is the best -6)(tv is awesome -tankt)(yeah, tv is awesomazing -Apricity)(TV is the absolute best -Fuwa)(TVs are fine. -HSer)


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We love you, SarcasticTVHead!
TV is so awesome
Petrichor should be a meme
Tv :tv: is yes and good yes
:tv: is cool :sunglasses:
Yes very cool and good and yes
Tv is the best and very very fun to hang out with

WE LOVE YOU TV!!! :black_heart:

:tv: is a :sunglasses: kid :ok_hand:t4:

TV IS AMAZING! :scream:

TV is amazing! Follow this person!


Wow this is great thank you so much!


Are you making a Hopscotch game about this or what? That would be cool.


Yeah @JonnyGamer is he asked me to make the topic for the global edit


Yay I wish to be in
-1!!! No one can escape!!!


No one can escape
It is here


All I can say is

-1 + @UTheDevHS = |-1|

absolute value of negative one = positive one, Jonny


Smsmsmsmsmmsmsmsmsm msmsdmmdm ahhhhhhhh!

Sqrt(-1) is my numero


sqrt(-1) equals info button

clicks button and finds something interesting


finds nothing
@UTheDevHS: Lets just go away.




clicks on β€œi”



New gt cause i can edit the first post


Let’s hope this one doesn’t di.e at 9950 posts again


im dealing with somebody rn.

so yeah im a bit busy sorry,


I’m still angry about the previous gt


Oh hey it’s fine just letting u know


heyo sarc





Nice new (recycled?) gt