Using the forum on an iPad compared to other devices (liking, creating topics, etc.)



A spin off from the drawing topic, this is a topic on how easy it is to use the forum on a computer compared to an iPad, or other devices!

I think the computer and iPad are the easiest to use, because it is pretty easy to type.


I think the iDevices (Pad, Phone, etc.) are the easiest to use. They're easiest to quote posts and type than on the computer. Besides, there's autocorrect on the computer! :P


Never used the forum on a laptap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


iPad- fine, kinda laggy
iPhone- fine and smoothish


Only difference for me is that I'd type quicker on a computer and plus I can multitask other stuffs with a bigger screen. :P yep.
I've tried on an iPhone, it's a bit smaller screen and weirder shape of replies and topics to deal with.


What do you mean "easier to quote posts"?


There's auto correct on your iPad. You should have it unless you turned it off in settings for your iPad.


I've got this really old 4th Generation iPod, so it's a lot less laggy on my slightly newer computer. On my iPod, I still haven't found out how to do a lot of things—I like the layout a lot better on the computer.


I agree that computers and iPads are the easiest to type with, but I like typing with iPads better because on my iMac, the words that other users post look smaller, I can type much faster on my iPad than on my iMac, And I'm just on my iPad much more.


@AlohaHawaiiStudios True, but my iPad (maybe others do too? I don't know) doesn't have the squiggly red line underneath a misspelled word on the forum. The computers, like at my town's public library, do have the line.

@codingCupcake123 I mean that when on an iDevice, I can quote posts easier. On a computer, I try to quote something, but the grey "quote reply" box won't come up.


Huh. That's strange. The quote box is there for me.
Also, you can just drag the cursor over the words you want to quote. That's easy if you only want to quote a little bit of a phrase.


If you spell a word wrong, autocorrect will always change it to what the system thinks it is. So if I type whvt, auto correct will change it to what. You don't get a red squiggly line on an iPad, but it will leave it there. If you notice it and tap on it, the word will turn red and a suggestion will show.

Apple products, excluding the computers, don't have the red squiggly line if a word is wrong.

To check if a word is spelled right, tap on it and if it doesn't turn red, it means it's spelled right.


I like on an iPad the best! On an iPad you can access everything, and it's not laggy at all.
On an iPhone it's alright, but laggy and you can't acsess everything, e.g. Posting photos.
On a laptop It's fine, only thing is there's no autocorrect. And sometimes laggy.
iPad: 10/10
iPhone: 7.5/10
Laptop: 8/10
Cool topic!


I've tried an iPhone, and it's okay for me, but hard to type.

I like the iPad because you can get cool symbols!

I like the computer because it's easy to type with.

Oh, and thanks!


I've never used it on an iPad, my iPad was for school. I only used the forum on my iPod, and since iPhone hopscotch wasn't out yet I only was on hopscotch during the day.

The forum on an iPod is ok. I like a bigger screen though. But like @Sensei_Coder said, it is easy to quote except sometimes while I'm quoting, the highlighted text disappears

But when I get a chrome book I'll try the forum on there.


I use my phone because my iPad is currently lost in the mail :disappointed:. It's very hard to upload photos and do things.


I always use my iPad. Only once I used my laptop, and that was for seeing what it was like. :stuck_out_tongue:
I prefer iPad because:
1. It's faster (I type super fast on iPad, not so good on laptop.. :S )
2. It's easier
3. um.. That's all. XD

me so jelly so much hop r liek 'i has phone' and im liek ._.


I always use my iPad :D

When I use a laptop it's super laggy, hard to type, etc.

When I use my iPad, it's smooth and easy to use the forum! Plus I am more likely to have an iPad with me then a laptop or computer :D


I only use my iPod now XD Typing is so hard gawh.


I´m on my laptop right now, and I think it´s easier to type. But it also works fine with the iPad, and the emojis only works with iDevices. It doesn´t lag on my iPad Air, and it also works fine with my 6 months old laptop!