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Forum like a pro:
Keep Calm and Ask on,
Be nice,
Be open to other opinions,
Help others in need.


Being clear and specific with your questions and answers helps a lot too.

Breaking your sentences into short paragraphs also helps with making them clear and easier to read.


Great job explaining that t1.:wink: It is important to make it easy to read.

I recommend using headings (the A symbol) so people know what they are reading about.

So people can visualize what you are saying, take screenshots and upload them. Upload your screenshots by clicking on the symbol that has an arrow going up. :arrow_up:

Welcome to the Forum, 12/21

Headings and screenshots on the forum

This is a very useful tip by @Madi_Hopscotch_ β€” using headings gives people an idea of what you are talking about, and using screenshots helps people to visualise what you are talking about.

Here is a screenshot showing what buttons you press to add a screenshot or heading while you are typing:

Wow! You found a prize! Tell JonnyGamer the secret code: Spiffy things make spiffy times

Posting a topic

Hi @Bubblyoreo To post a new topic, press the +New Topic button in the top-right corner when you are on the main page of the forum. See the picture below:

To reply and make a new topic, press the +Reply as a linked Topic that appears to the right of each comment.

Continuing the discussion from Welcomes & Intros:

Beta version comments
Hopscotch Beta 2.17.0 Preview
Help with projects: How-tos

Dear t1,
For some reason, the +New Topic button does not show up for me on the forum. I checked to see if it was just my device, but the button also doesn't show up for my Mac. Do you possibly know what is wrong? I click the HOPSCOTCH logo at the top left corner of the page to make sure I'm in the homepage. What could be going wrong?

-Cherry Cupcake

+Ask a question button not showing up

Hi @cherrycupcake that is very strange! I added a conversation here and we can discuss what possibly is going wrong.


Also make sure to take screenshots if you are asking people to help you with your code. To take a screenshot: Press the Power and Home buttons at the same time. If your screen flashes white, you have taken a screenshot. Then take the USB cord out of the charger. Plug the USB cord into your computer. Then, make a post and upload your screenshot onto it. Hope this helps!


@EmojiSoftware great tip on taking screenshots!

Here's another tip: you don't need to go on your computer! You can do it from your iPad by pressing the same icon when you are typing:


Hopscotch Forums on Your Home Screen

Do you use this forum a lot?
Do you want an easy way to get to It?
Here is how to get Hopscotch Forums on your homescreen!




Now you should see Hopscotch Forum on your home screen like an app!
I hope this was helpful!:grinning:

Making apps in hopscotch for real
Help make the forum better
Cleaning up the forumβ€”what do you think?

Be considerate and think how might other would take what you said.


This works on android devices, on google Chrome also. You just have to click 3 vertical boxes instead of the export sign.


How to be a forum pro, and enjoy it!:
Be nice!
Give credit to ideas
Share ideas to the community
Keep the community clean and spotless!


Make things easy to read and don't use things like LOL, OMG, ROFL much. Maybe if you where saying something like this: I am lazy LOL. But other then that, not really. NOTE: I used the OMG saying things for this example, not because I just did.

#16 You Must Read This To Be A Pro


Practically it's this page. We're all reading it! :slightly_smiling: Anyways I like all your ways to be a pro forumer!


Nice tip! I did that! You can also bookmark it. Thanks


here is a good tip for all of you :).
Make sure that you are not
off topic while you reply to other hopscotchers, because then it will be flagged and hidden. Also, if we didn't have the off topic rule, people would put random stuff on topics.

We should all follow this off-topic rule so we can have a good time on the forum. This will help you use the forum like a pro :wink:.


What? Why is that gif there?