Using the Forum like a Pro!



This works on android devices, on google Chrome also. You just have to click 3 vertical boxes instead of the export sign.


How to be a forum pro, and enjoy it!:
Be nice!
Give credit to ideas
Share ideas to the community
Keep the community clean and spotless!


Make things easy to read and don't use things like LOL, OMG, ROFL much. Maybe if you where saying something like this: I am lazy LOL. But other then that, not really. NOTE: I used the OMG saying things for this example, not because I just did.

#16 You Must Read This To Be A Pro


Practically it's this page. We're all reading it! :slightly_smiling: Anyways I like all your ways to be a pro forumer!


Nice tip! I did that! You can also bookmark it. Thanks


here is a good tip for all of you :).
Make sure that you are not
off topic while you reply to other hopscotchers, because then it will be flagged and hidden. Also, if we didn't have the off topic rule, people would put random stuff on topics.

We should all follow this off-topic rule so we can have a good time on the forum. This will help you use the forum like a pro :wink:.


What? Why is that gif there?



To do a post without 20 characters or blank like @Follow4LikesOfficial did above, simply do this
< efdrdrdrdrdededeedede or any other random letter without the space


What's with the blank reply

Need tips. New to hopscotch. (Sort of)
Linemstudio finally in hopsotch forum
I need a best friend in hopscotch my user name is ben merritt
New to the forum. ;)
Welcome to the forum, @SapFire!
Do you have to pay for gravatar
New forum account

Another way to be a pro on the forum is to think before you post:

The "THINK" Acrostic Poem

Is what you are posting
Ask yourself these questions before you post to be a post pro.


Nothing on the internet is necessary although some things aren't kind and that's a problem


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I made him do it for the prank, I think he forgot to change it back :sweat_smile:


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I don't know if this has been said allready but remember to search before you post. The magnafying glass is your best friend:


Cool tips!
We should ways remember not to get off-topic! We should search before we post too. Also,all topics have to be related to Hopscotch.


heres some stuff

help what do i talk about???? im lost??? my general topic is dead and i need help????
  1. first, find a category that interests you. go to the categories page ( and find something that interests you. let’s click “open source code and how-tos”. now we are led here:

  1. click the first topic. not “about the open source code and how-to’s category” topic, the one below it. that topic is locked (which means that nobody can reply except moderators (tht). now we are led here (not here exactly, but something like it!):

  1. scroll down to the latest post, or hold down on the spot the arrow in the picture is pointing to and move your mouse down to the bottom (skip this if the number is 1 / 1)


  1. you should be at the latest post. now click “reply” and type something! make sure it’s related to what the post is talking about.

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