Using forum tags more?



I wanted to share @CreativeCoder's idea:

so we have more categories at the moment. but I was just thinking that we could use categories more for general browsing, and then if we wanted to look for something more specific we could click on a tag like CreativeCoder said. What do you think? :blush:

– my personal view is using category for broader ideas and then more specific things with tags, after seeing this.


I was watching first post #helpwithcode. But now it's unusable. So now I'm watching a bunch of categories.


Yes, tags should be used more. They could be very helpful :D


True! Is there a tag for GTs? That'd be really helpful.


Hey, t1, thanks for adding to my idea :)

Now that there's more categories, it's not as big of a deal, but it still can be used for more specific types of topics, like clubs, general topics, etc.

I'd love to see this happen in the future.

'Todo list' for forum

This is a really good idea!


Yep, it is #general_topic. There are 148 topics already using it.


I was thinking about this after @CreativeCoder's suggestion for anyone who wanted to be able to take action on tags (e.g. mute, set to tracking etc). At the moment there are 197 topics or so using #general_topic and 10 using just #generaltopic::tag, so I am going to move them all to general_topic

I am looking at the tags page at the moment to see if there are any major tags that we could make use of too.

— I see #collab (346 topics) and #collabs (222 topics), as an example, I could change them all to #collab though I am not sure if it would make much of a difference to anyone.

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I agree let’s get nasdrried