Using decimals


Decimal Trick

Hi! Here is a fun trick that I use sometimes when I am working on a project.

To make a number with a decimal point (EX: 5.36), look below:

In this picture, I made the text set to 5.35, but I did it by writing:
5 + 35 divided by 100 (which is equal to 5.35)

Why Use This?

Why not just type the actual decimal? You can just type in the actual decimal if it is in a text. However, if you have a value, the only way to make it into a decimal is by dividing the number like I showed you.

Why Is it Useful?

This is especially useful if you are doing something with money. For example, if you have $1.35 you would write it like this: 1 + 35 divided by 100. You always have to divide the number you want to be a decimal by 100.

When Would You Use This?

Here are some things you would maybe want to use this for:

-Values-- If you have a game including decimals(EX: Money) you could set a value to whatever decimal you want(EX: 1.30) and then you could have arrows that increase and deacrease the value. EX: Increase Value Money by 1 + 30 divided by 100.

-Positioning-- Setting the position of an object can also be done with decimals. If you have a scrollable website, you can use decimals to set the position of your texts. Sometimes your objects won't line up exactly, so adding a decimal could allow you to place exactly where you want it. What I mean by that is, let's say your object's x position is 560. If you added the decimal .40 to it, it now becomes 560.40. That mean your object will be at X 560 plus a little bit (which is the .40).


When you are typing in your decimal, remember that you set it up like this:
__ + ( __divided by 100)
The number that You are dividing should be less than 100.

Have fun with decimals! I hope this helped!:smiley:

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Suggestions for improving Hopscotch
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You know when you want to use a number that is a decimal but only can do it for words. Can We pls add that to the calculator.


Nice idea! Sounds good for the future updates.


Yea I also agree to this idea! Say you wanted to get bird invisible 10.5 percent. It would be very useful!


Decimals can be easily achieved in hopscotch by copying them, and then pasting them in the block of your choice. I have found this to be very usefull!


Yeah but In I want to put it in the calculator because why do all this for just a decimal number


Great idea @Turtle_Fredie ! There is actually already a thread about using decimals in Hopscotch:

I'm going to merge this conversation there so it's all in one place :smile:

One tip! Next time, before starting a new thread, search for your question to see if someone has already started a topic about it. Use the turquoise magnifying glass:


Yes this is possible. If you need something to look invisible but not be entirely invisible, 99.9 is useful.


Ok so here is another way first get out a (set text block) and go to the keyboard and type in (1.5) or any other decimal and then hold down your finger and then tap select all. Then hit done then get a move forward block or a value or what ever you want. Then hold down in that block and tap paste. Then delete the set text and that's it.


Oops and then that's it. Not and that's it?


Great tip with decimals @Huggingfluffybear! Don't worry you can edit your post to change the "?" into a full stop.

Here's how to do it:

The link to this post is here if you'd like to find out more. Very useful tip with copying and pasting decimals again :smiley:


To be able to type decimals in.


Hey @Aes2015 here's how to add decimals by -Madi- using the division block, which is a way you could put decimals in.


Yes, I know you can use type division block, but it would be a lot simpler if you could just type it in.


@Aes2015 Yeah it would be easier if we could type it in. At least we have a way of doing decimals for now :smiley:


@Aes2015 @t1_hopscotch


@Aes2015: Check out this post about using decimals. Making it easier to use decimals in Hopscotch would be useful, though! What kind of stuff do you want to build w/ decimals?


@Liza More precise calculations of any kind. When doing drawings of a particular shape with a particular curve, especially now with the addition of trigonometric functions, precision is very important.


okay thanks! ps i love your projects.


Or you can type it in a set text and select all then copy and then paste it into the set value block