Using Bases in Hopscotch



I’m wondering that what if we use bases in Hopscotch. @JonnyGamer recently created a game which uses the conversion of Base 27 into Base 10.(That sounds pretty complicated) So, what if there was a base function in Hopscotch?


oh yes i also want to know about this is there anyone ?
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That would be really cool if they could add that.


By “base” function, I assume you mean Logarithm (We can already use exponents for the encoding, e.g., 2^n or 27^n). I’ve asked awesomeonion in past but obviously they’ve decided not to add it.

Doesn’t mean we can’t ask again though :slightly_smiling_face:.

Conversion between different bases is extremely useful (like using base 27 to encode words into decimal values). That’s what I’m doing In this Text Adventure project as well, except with base 37 so the value can encode both letters and numbers. And base 2 (binary) can be used to store data for up to 53 clones into a single variable.


That would be great!


I don’t really know what this is, but it would be cool to have in Hopscotch and if it was implemented, I would really like to learn it!