Using a variable in an ability makes the ability take a frame too long

If you use a variable in an ability, the ability will take a frame longer than it should to execute.

If you remove the variable in the custom block it only takes 1 frame. With the variable in, it should execute on the same frame as the wait block, but it doesn’t seem to. (or an extra frame is added somewhere)

Having just 1 variable block is enough to have this effect, multiple variable blocks are the same as just 1. Also, when the ability is only variable blocks, it still takes 2 frames.


It might be placing the extra frame on the exiting of the custom block, but even then it was still 2 frames even without the wait block. Strange…


Oh, this is an interesting discovery! This is something that would be great if it was fixed, it’s a small thing but it can be big enough to cause trouble or unexpected behavior if you’re working with or relying on frames in your project.