Users that show (probably) their face on their profile pictures



Sorry about making this topic, but since THT doesn’t respond to my emails, I had to make this.

@thomas @Maimouna @alish @awesomeonion @Rodrigo @Ian @asha @Meg @Liza can you do something about this? :slight_smile:

@Ichigo (also an advertiser)
@danwillard (also an advertiser) (Account deleted)

Not tagging OMTL.


Also, why would someone advertise on this forum?


First like! People should not do this! The forum ain’t snapc.hat or Instagra.m


Also, most of these people are grown up
@Gobli09 you were replyi


But still, you can’t show your face


The kids who showed their faces should have their picture removed.
For the adults, I think it’s fine, since they’re adults, but I don’t know.


Please don’t bring attention to things like this on the forum. Like @Gobli09 said, some of them are adults so it should be fine. Some of the them may just be pictures found online. They aren’t active anyways so it’s not likely for anyone to see the profile pics. Also half of the people you tagged are no longer part of the THT


DanWillard was deleted.


What?? The avatar on Bonllora’s is MATTHIAS!!!

(serch him up)




This is not good, but a lot of them is adults and some are even advertisers and that is just weird. Some pictures might have been found online, and I suppose that more people than only Bonllora might have taking their profile picture from internet. You should talk to THT about this by e-mailing them.


Yeh, I think u should try to get THTs attention again because kids shud not have pics on profiles. With adults it’s ok tho–r most of those people adults?


Yeh I just looked at their profiles and I think they r. But there r a few kids.


@HappyDolphin are you now the justice police of the hopscotch forum? congratulations you will now regret the choices you made to be this way. grow up and stop acting like you keep things so peaceful and with no drama. THT from what I know could care less if some people had their adult or fake faces on their profile picture. before I used to hate fake leavers for attention and now I hate people who think they are beneficial to the forum but really just plague it. You are one of those people and you cannot stand to free speech.


One thing:

These people are inactive

I’d get this topic if they were still running and the children refused to change their picture but most of these ARE adults.