Users Page Glitch?



Ok, so while I was going thru the users page (to see how many posts CC has read XD) I saw this:

No, not the stick figure, what he's pointing to! XD

And yes, I'm pretty sure that I did not log into GratifySushi and read the entire forum!

So what is this glitch anyways?


Everyone else has similar numbers, and even you have less than them... O_o


The same with the likes given, topics entered and visits...
Never logged in today...


seems legit XD

So your alt account had stats for today's even though you haven't signed into it? Hackery!

Weird. Probably a glitchy-glitch.


A glitch, of course.

@GratifySushi, how many posts did you really read? Going to check the summary.


It could be a glitch