Username Problems (Fixed 😂)


Ok so I just went on to hopscotch and I see this:

Think it's a glitch so I refresh and it's not going away...

This is a problem and it's kinda taking away all fame and glory from @Bananadog

And it makes @SmileyAlyssa look like a stealer!
(Witch she is not and would never be!)

@moderators @Liza This needs to be fixed and + there's all kinds of glitches with activity as well!

Thanks for reading :wink:

-Wookie (RAWR)


We are doing a game, it's not a glitch :flushed:





xD was it a dare?

And yes, I was wondering the same thing!


@Bananadog should we publish a project explaining? :grimacing:


Oh yeah. The username dare was to switch usernames with somebody. So they switched usernames. Although they could confuse people since Hopscotch is been really glitchy lately.


I will too! And we prob shouldn't keep it like that for too long!:joy::grimacing:



Yeah lol

scrolls though featured then see's it... :3


Changed the title



@SmileyAlyssa just tell me when you want to change back! I don't really care when. But I guess sometime today would be best...:thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, sometime today :stuck_out_tongue:
Tell me when, and I'll change my name back! :D


How about an hour? @SmileyAlyssa

this should be interesting...


Sure! :stuck_out_tongue: :D


Okay @SmileyAlyssa! I think it's been an hour! That was different and interesting!:grimacing::stuck_out_tongue::smile:


It's the username change thing! Bananadog and SmileyAlyssa switched usernames! I want to switch usernames for a night with @BubblegumCupcakeMix.


i want less than 20 "characters" please help!!


Look at trending! I'm on there! (@PandaBlossom)


Yeah :smirk: Two projects! Lel. All my hard work :tired_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Alright! I'm changing mine, then change yours back, and I'll change mine back!