Username Not Taken? HALP


Do you know, how if you try changing your username into one that someone already has, it says "Username already taken?" Well, recently I was wondering why in the world there is a (:art:) next to my username. So, I took it out, and left it just as "Snoopy," but Hopscotch says it is already taken. I know "Snoopy" is a common name, and almost everyone knows who Snoopy is, so I search up "Snoopy" into "Usernames" to look for who already has this username, but no one with the username Snoopy popped up. Does anyone know what happened, or if this is a glitch? :D


It might just be a glitch...


This can happen with project also, but with projects, after there are a lot with similar names, others might not show, but I think the same can happen with names.

Hoped this helped, it probably didn't.


Maybe someone had the username before and the sever downloaded it or something


I dunno, there may be a user but it didn't show up for some reason

And it's really annoying if someone has the same username as the one you want. The person with "Lightningstrike" hasn't published in like a year, and they only remixed a few things XD


I have no idea, but you could email about it. They should know. :D

The link is clickable, by the way.