Username Explanations!



Hey guys!

So I was wondering earlier, how do people pick their usernames and what inspired them? So I want to hear for you all on the forum!

For example: I chose my username "HappyPerson" because I'm always happy and I didn't feel like doing anything else! XD


Here's mine:
My name is William, I am born 2004 (04), I am a gamer, and the "A" is just a letter...


I have 30 something amiibo.

Enough for my 'trash' status.


Mine is Koala Krazy because I LOVE KOALAS!!! I GO KRAZY FOR THEM!!!

(i have 16 stuffed koalas)


I have a stuffed koala too! Her name is Kawaii!




I got my koala in Washingtin D.C. I love her so much!!!

Anyway, let's not get off topic!


Ok :wink:


Perfect! Let's go! Now


German Autobiography.


Well, my dad always calls me Dude, it's just kind of his thing. The 73 is for no apparent reason, it's just there. XD

Cool topic! :smile:


Mine is because I love to code and I want EVERYTHING to be perfect so that's how @CodePerfect came to life!!


Great topic :D !
However, there is already a topic for this.
Here's the link:


I didn't know there was another one! I'm sorry!


It's no problem at all!
But remember to always "search before you post" :D


Thanks so much! How did yooooouuuuu come up with your username!


IKeudin is complicated!
If you spell coding phonetically it looks like this: kəʊdɪŋ
And that looks like Keudin, I is my initial!


I'm TrevCoding because my name is Trevor and I like to code


That is really cool! I love the creativity!


Heyyyy, guess whaattttt, your profile picture used to be mine on my old forum acc.