Username copies?



You may know that I make separate channels to make games based off the holidays on. I made a thanksgiving channel and told my followers about it. I called the channel RoastedTurkey:poultry_leg: (but when I'm at school or something it's RoastedTurkey) and for no known reason, I looked myself up on the accounts section, and GUESS WHAT!!!!
Well, see for yourself:


Don't trust this imposter!

Humph.. I don't hav any copycats but I do know why people do it they. Are inspired by you they think you are the kewlest!`


@Fifithefunnyflower do you think so? I think they are trying to catch my followers.


Maybe, here is something that is kinda sad

They have nothing else todo with their life so they be mean and copy people!:confused:


Many "copycats" want to create a username similar to a famous or kind of famous hopscotcher's username. I think they do that because their jealous of them or maybe just for fun. But it is kind of good that we can't have the same usernames because it would be very hard to find each other with the same usernames.


@Berrymelon I'm guessing I have like 15 followers so yeah


Or because a lot of people look those famous hopscotcher up, and if you have a name similar to that one, you'll pop up in the list of hopscotchers.
(I hope you can understand it, because I have no idea how to tell it in a different way)


@Jootje I'm not even popular


This person created an account last year.


i agree. because there are a lot of magmaPOP clones


i mean people who have a username that's similar to magmaPOP


Well I see you around here quite a lot and (if I'm wrong correct me please) you are in a lot of collaborates. So I can understand why people want to have the same name. Even if it's a thanksgiving name:joy:


@BlackDawn well then what's up with this?


Don't worry, I have like, 3 copycats. See:

I'm the one on the top.


@AwesomeKitty wow. Just, wow.


Sometimes, a common username can be an account someone made before you made your account, so yeah. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::poultry_leg::poultry_leg::meat_on_bone::meat_on_bone:🧀




I also have a copycat he/she has posted some things that are somewhat related to some of my projects


I've got a copy cat... I'm not even a famous Hopscotchers! They just put a smiley face on the end! But now I think it though.... It's my old account! :slightly_smiling: lol


No copies of me :sob::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Awebear was there before me :yum: