Username Change!



I'm going to have a slight username change! I found a question mark Unicode ( �) that works on the forum! I'll add it to the end of my name. The other questionmark was weird. Found out that it was a star.
Not a major change, just a tiny change!

To Anonymous—Emoticon?

�It works! � �:D �


Ok :slight_smile: I like it @Follow4LikesOfficial


Cool username!







How can you change your username? I know I can't, but can leaders? Or just mods?


He means on hopscotch I'm sure



@Follow4LikesOfficial, I can change your name if you wish, as you are a leader.

Who's got a St. Patrick's Day Project?!



Cool! :D


Woop! :smiley: may you change to Anonymous (the Unicode) just like on hs?


I remember that time on Docs I showed you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Showed what lol


The stars!



That wasn't the first time tho
I discovered it a long time ago but then I found a fancy emoji


@Kiwicute2016 5:20 doc
Pls @BuildASnowman too maybe
(On the please use doc)
Then collab @ 7:30 on the collab doc


@Kiwicute2016 what is your rank badge thing it says why a re stickmen so thin


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I'm on my way to a piano lesson, so I can't! Sorry! Maybe 7:20.