User variables share across accounts on same device

1 sentence description of the problem: User variables are the same on different accounts using the same device

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
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  1. Play a game with user variables, such as the Adventures of Squaeyron or Ninja Frog.
  2. Get some stats on it by playing a bit
  3. Log out of your account and go to a different account
  4. Play the same game
  5. Your stats are the same as your other accounts, even if you had different stats on the second account- they got overwritten

I expected this to happen: Have different user variables for seperate accounts

But instead this happened: They melded into one and became the same

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Device details:

(You can go to :gear: > “About”, and take a screenshot



I was in @/CinnabunPizza’s account for our Duality collab, and I played TAOS to see platformer stuff. I saw that I had 75%, and then I asked Cinnabun to check their account in that game themselves. They had their normal score, not 75%.
So it doesnt save the user variables carried across accounts


They might actually be device based rather than user based.

Really bad at explaining this…

Like the score doesn’t change unless you go to a different device…

So basically if you had another device, it won’t show the same score as your current device…

I know it says “USER” Variables, but that’s besides the point.


That just seems really weird…
If it is device variables then they should change it to account variables

Is this intentional and happening with you too?


The code for the webplayer does store user variables on a per-device basis.

Yep, that.

So yeah, they really are more like device variables than user variables

Code-wise, yes it is intentional. However, I don’t think the web explorer was a thing when user variables were introduced, so it definitely was not developed in a way that would actually sync it to your account. (So feature-wise, I don’t think it’s intentional)

I think the goal was/is still to have it sync with user (there is a user_variables endpoint in the API), but that’s not how it currently works.


I believe they are;
I own four devices capable of running Hopscotch (my two iPads, my iPhone and my Mac), and they all had different scores in games, even on the same account.

While I’m pretty sure this specific bug (the one the report’s about) doesn’t happen to me and my four devices, it is a very peculiar bug, and I think it could be an inconvenience for some.


@Alboy clive since we know it’s intentional?


its intentional, but i genuinely wish that is not the case - i do not have this on my end very often (since i dont switch accounts a lot) but i definitely can see how it would be confusing and annoying to some others. accounts are supposed to have different datas after all ;))

alboy can close if they want but i just wanted to post my opinion on this intentional quote unquote “feature”


Honestly it’s misleading and makes no sense that it’s not stored on your account — I feel like it was added so they didn’t have to buy servers to store the data on (unless you need them anyways for ones only stored on your device but I don’t think so)

Yeah they have to pay for servers to have games uploaded to hs but still I’m guessing it would cost them much more money


I feel like another type of variable should be added so we could have account variables and device variables

I guess this can get closed, it just doesnt seem like a very good feature lol


It’s actually very odd since there actually is a user_variables endpoint in the API somewhere, yet “user variables” really just means “current device” (local app install, localStorage in browser too)