User manual hopscotch


Is there a user guide helps learning?


No but there are videos. If you follow them and create them then you will eventually get the hang of it. You can access the videos when you click 'create'.


But I just want the basics of the application .
What do you mean ( variables - repetition .....) with a simple example, if possible


Actually there is


it is Good...Thank you :smiley:


I had forgotten about the curriculum! There is an updated version too that just came out recently:


Hooray for the new, updated curriculum! (Thanks @t1_hopscotch and @TromaxTheDestroyer!)

@farwla The curriculum was created for teachers to use with their class, so there's a lot of stuff in there that will teach you more than just Hopscotch. The in-app videos are another great resource to learn how to Hopscotch, and this forum is another!

Let us know if you have any questions!