User deleted, one time bug, or user disappearing bug?



So I was looking through my general topic, and I wanted to see the last time people on my tag list have been on, and when I wanted to check @braybraylovesmonkeys, I couldn't click him/her. I scrolled down to their last post on the topic, and I couldn't click it either. Because I am on a desktop right now, I checked by clicking "Open in a new tab" and it said the page didn't exist.

(sorry my writing is so messy here it's just hard to write by clicking with a mouse)
The command for taking a screenshot is (Windows symbol)+alt+(prt sc button near the keyboard corner on the top row)

GinnyPotterFry's General Topic!

Which one do u think it is?

  • user removed
  • bugged temporarily
  • user disappeared


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That is strange. I have never seen a temporary glitch like this, so it would make more sense if the account was deleted. However, do you know why it would have been?


That's a great observation :open_mouth: – I do that too, with opening in new tab.

I have only seen this for deleted users so far. I can't click on @braybraylovesmonkeys' profile either and it won't autocomplete when I start typing the @name :thinking:


Yeah she left. I don't know how her account was deleted


Um e hem
And this is quit strange


In a topic- I forgot that topic- someone said that braybraylovesmonkey's profile has been deleted. Or I might be wrong. I think that he said he was leaving. I think.


I can not access this account too. He/she might have asked THT to delete his/her account.


Some people said that Bray Bray and Ella13's accounts were deleted because they did something really bad... or something.. :// but that's all I've heard... Btw, Bray Bray is a she...


@greekgoddess2468's profile got deleted, too. What has happened?...


I found the same with @HappyPerson's account... :thinking:


Both of those users don't exist, just double click on them and it'll say 'Oops! That page is private or doesn't exist!' or something like that.