User Card and Profile Backgrounds! (Free Polygon Logos)



Basically, I hand-draw over pictures to make them smoother and cleaner
(Also for low resolution pictures)




Credit is not required, but optional. I'll sign automatically.


Uploaded Picture or Link:
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Noteworthy Notes:

If possible, keep pictures somewhat simple.

BaconStudios making logos

make me one i want you to choose the background and everything but then put
where the magic happens


at least describe the background?


you pick it


._. okay


the most important thing it my pp though :wink:


just one thing! one object, anything.


your eye is done btw


a object for what????


just, anything to describe your bg. anything. I cant work from nothing


Rainbow colors xD
Idk I I love rainbow bgs like the ones on my user card and my banner


thanks a lot :smiley:


I'm sorry but I burst out laughing when I read "your eye is done" XD