Useless flagging!


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I was watching the whole thing... Of flags and misery


I just don't like a flag hanging around my record for no good reason.


We already have this topic Su search before you post!


This is for a diffrent situation visit the link!!


Please dont use my name use the @ one as it is personal information


I think this wasn't pointless flagging. You said "these posts are useless". It might of angered some people, because most of them were not. So then they flagged it and yeah. Although I didn't flag it, I did find that poet a little mean.


I agree thanks for explaining for me (that's what I mean @DreamyLemon


These flags are useless it was crazy! Open close open open close!


ok its over and done with the moderator can help him/her to fix the problem
Do you want to close this topic @Follow4LikesOfficial?