Useful templates you've used/created in Hopscotch

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for useful templates you’ve used/created in Hopscotch. It can be from any genre (type) of project.

It would be helpful if you can tell me:

  1. The link to the project
  2. A short summary of how you would use this template
  3. What aspects of this template were especially helpful? (For example, was there a specific custom rule/ability or a block of code that was important? Was it the demo?)

For a summary of how you use a template:

  1. Do you remix the entire project and delete what’s inside? OR do you look at the code and copy over the part you need? OR do you not care about deleting the extra parts?
  2. How do you figure out how to use the template the way you want? If you can’t figure it out, what do you do? Or is it generally easy to figure out how to use the code?
  3. any other comments on using the template, a simple flow would be nice!

Here is an example project for a platformer template: Platformer template 2 (empty) by Spy Guy 96


I’ll see if I can find one! Is this for the new feature?


I don’t really get it. Like a website template?


Yeah. Or tapper templates, platformer templates, etc


For example this platformer template:Platformer template 2 (empty) by Spy Guy 96


Oh I get it now. Thanks @Yuanyuan and @Dragongirl1264!!!


I made this FTU project recently, that involves a cool text font.


Pretty much I’d think you’d have to copy over the code to one of your games to make it useful. This code would probably be useful in title screens. And since I put a thing at the bottom right of the screen, you can delete the code for those clones. (Might be hard depending on if you recently joined HS.)

I did make a custom block for the main text.


does it have to be published? i have a couple in my drafts but id rather keep them there


Yuanyuan said it would be helpful

so I think you’d be able to just explain it.


If it’s not published, just tell me the name of the drafts and your username!


Here’s a template game


All you have to do is remix it and I can see what you made from thumbnail
There nothing really helpful :cry: in the project


i regret deleting all my ftu projects


I’ve had this for a while but just updated it bc it was glitchy. Now that we have the ‘comment’ block I’m probably going to continue updating it, but here’s it for now.

Template Details

To use this, you remix the entire template and change the code inside to personalize the book itself and the story it holds. I included a tutorial on how to use it in the project, but I’m not entirely sure how user-friendly it is. However, multiple people have remixed this with their own stories, so it’s not that complicated, I think.



username: Mr. Incognito
draft titles: “Pixel Art Template” and “Music Template”

note: both templates require advanced mode but the pixel art one doesnt really need it—i will turn it off soon

pixel art template

this is…wait for it…a template for making pixel arts
you can remix the project and code your pixel art in it, or you can copy it (which would be harder)
in theory, it should be somewhat easy to figure out as the code is commented, but it still may be confusing—if that is the case, then experimenting or asking me questions will probably be the most helpful
this tutorial may also help: Pixel Art String Method

music template

this is another template that helps someone create music
it can be remixed and used as a base for a project—no code has to be deleted. it can also be copied block by block, but that would be tedious and easy to mess up
all of the parts that have to be interacted with are commented on, but it still can be complex and requires some knowledge of music theory. if users are confused, they can ask questions or view this tutorial: A String Music Method Tutorial


If you have an idea of what they are, I can help you recover them


Here are some of my templates:

Open folder

Simple badges
Badges (FTU - Free To Use) - Trail & Shape Art by William04GamerA

Popup window template
Free To Use Window Template - Trail & Shape Art by William04GamerA

(FTU) Free To Use Shapes - Trail Art by William04GamerA

Windows 10 Window template
Windows 10-style Window Template - Trail Art by William04GamerA

Windows XP Window template
Windows XP Window Template - Trail Art by William04GamerA

iOS Notification template
iOS Notification Template - Trail & Shape Art by William04GamerA

Hopscotch forum poll (not officially a template)
Hopscotch Forum Poll - Trail & Shape Art by William04GamerA

Actually, the two following templates are the two templates that I was thinking about that would fit for this. The other ones came up while browsing through all my projects :slight_smile:
Newspaper template
Newspaper Template- Shape art by William04GamerA

Book template
Book Template! by William04GamerA

Most of these are pretty much batteries-included, so they might not fit what you are looking for.


@Awesome_E trying to turn advanced mode off with your project builder but the new draft doesnt save—how are you supposed to do it?


save it after modifying it lol
and then it should work


no lol, i had a lottttt

this is the only one i kept

it basically just write text but it doesn’t change line, unlike hopscotch usually do


heres a thing for pixel arts with my ftu method

i might do some for my current ones when i open them up but thats the only ftu thing i have atm