Use the hashtags right!



So I was browsing the help tab, and half the projects on there are websites! :grimacing: That tab is meant for help, and if you wanna publish websites, use the #websites tab!


I totally agree! It really annoya me when I'm looking in the #help tab, and random things like "100 likes and I will make the real minecraft" things come up


I agree as well! When I was looking in the #HHC15 category, I saw stuff like "My Website!" or "Who plays Animal Jam?". I mean, c'mon peeps, read the categories!

(had to use a kid-friendly one)


Yeah I know it can be frustrating when you're trying to find something like websites under the #websites tab but there are other projects instead. I think this was one of the reasons the Hopscotch Team got rid of a few tabs.


But when I mentioned about bringing some hashtags back was that some people's projects related to the hashtags are losing their places and that people have to put them in other tabs as well, but stuff very unrelated to a hashtag like:

Under #games

By crazywazy

50 likes = 1 follow to each liker.

Should just be removed from the tab.