USA for the Winter Olympics


Please do not reply if you are not a member of the team.

If you are in the USA , this is your discussion for the olympics.

Credit goes to @Ella_13

Rules from @Ella_13:

Don't Argue
You might get an event you want. You might not. Please don't argue and refuse to do something just cause you don't to do it.

Give Tips
You are allowed to share your project with your teammates before the deadline and they can give you tips. Only rule for that is that YOU have to be the one to make the edits, not them.

Sine and Cosine
Project related to Olympics
Coolest background
Pixel art
Trail art


Projects are due in on 25 th December !


just made a new one so I can edit




How can you guys make a project until 25th December?


That's Christmas for me. We'd probably finish by then. XD


Idk, I'm not hosting it. It is kind of convenient for me though, since I am in the Hoplympics too.


@AwesomeNachos Which event do you want?


Pixel Art. It's my strength. :D

Does each event have to be related to Winter? @Silverdolphin.


When do we start?


@Silverdolphin Can we start yet or do we need to wait until the other teams are full as well as ours?


I can do related to olympics or sin and cosine


Sounds fun!! I can't believe how many ppl r hosting a contest just like mine! I feel honored because ppl must have liked it


@Explorer_, we start when we have enough people

@Nerd4Ever , we need to wait !

@AwesomeNachos , ask your team Captin !


You are a judge @Ella_13 !


How many members do we need?


I am not sure as long as all the teams are filled up ! We should have at least 5 different teams !


Can u plz asign me to an event (related to olympics or sin & cosine plz) so i can start working? I dont want to forget...
EDIT: whoops, i forgot u need all ppl first - nevermind!