Urie's General Topik!



Good panic to you. I saw a bunch of these going around, so I thought I would give it a try. WAZZA!!! (Also- call me Urie some times_ Or Em, Emiy, Angel, Emily Urie, Urie :heart:)


Hi xD nice topic you have have -pulls up a chair-


-pulls up chair too-
Hello. How are you?


-Pulls up broken office chair- Man i need a new chair!


Hi @PotatoLover3 nice chair xD


-glances at chair-
I know.
Nice chair, @BaconStudios. Same with you, @RexersHexers.


I have no chair

Dang it


Soo....umm hey! Nice chair @PotatoLover3


Here, -takes out rolling chair- dis your new chair.


Does anyone want some popcorn and gummy worms for this great topic?


Much chairs. Everyone has a nice chair now. If you don't have a chair, inform me. I have chairs for days.



takes the rolling chair
tries to sit in it but falls

I am okay

sits on the chair


-the moment of realization-
Uh...is it vegetarian?


Um ok i will just listen to meh fav band twentyone pilots!


Stuffs his face with bacon

Mff mmm mfffmm mmmf mmmfmfm
-chew and swallow- you guys get that


No i ain't a vegetarian so i ain't eating anything vegetarian


It's Urie's topic. No Twenty One in here. JUST PANIC.


-Puts earbuds and and starts singing- I've been think to much help me -Gets up and dances-


Well....I am. So....it's not vegetarian? Well, I guess popcorn would'nt have any meat. -slaps face-. May I please have some popcorn?


-Crys- Not with that attitude missy!