Urgent Note to Mods


@BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219

Are you guys able to see deleted posts on topics? I saw a flash of a post someone made using my ful.l na.me but there was more and they deleted it before I finished reading it. I'm concerned it may be someone I don't know who could potentially spread my personal information. It may be someone I know, but I'd really like to know who posted it.



They do and as well, they pretty much probaly know what some of us looks like I know PT knows what I look like.


That's not freaky at all.....

Yeah we can see deleted posts


What do you mean?

I prefer no hops knowing me, sometimes I am okay but like I get a bit worried about mod's knowing my IP no offense.


No the creepy thing is you know what I look like.


Wait I do?


You know what I look like!


Mind skipped over the second "know" sorry

no I actually do not


I dont know how I feal about anyone knowing my city...


Ok, can you please check this topic (where it happened)

And it's after my 9th post, can you tell me their username, and what they wrote. Also, I'd appreciate if you turned this into PM so if they say anything that reveals my PI people don't see, if you don't want to that's fine though.


They just said "Hey Malty, is your sister on?". It was BerryFox. It was a reply to Maltese. I think you saw "Malty" and mistook it for your name, which I assume is or is close to your username :stuck_out_tongue:


I know what you look like XD


ohhhhh that was what that notification was :0


That's kind of creepy.


This topic can be closed XD I read "Mallory" and then the next words I saw I mistook for my last name XD


um say what now......


Um........ I totally don't know what you look like... ha ha ha...
ha ha........

Bye ;)



That's freaky....





Ok guise this topic just needs to be closed.