URGENT I need to delete this but cant!


I can't delete this project help I need to delete it but this is what happens this is urgen... Lease help anyone I will,give you ancrawing and a background..



Try refreshing Hopscotch and the try to delete it.


Check your internet!


OK thanks I'm trying everything right now you get a background


Ok free background for you


IF it worked.... it might not've


It did nonprofit can you please email the hopscotch team about this..o gotta go.. I just want to delete it .. Any more ideas ever please.. Please please:scream::cold_sweat::tired_face::confounded:


Phew I deleted it by logging off and then logging on .. Wow I have a headache now... Thanks I will make you guys a background thanks .. Now I understand that there is really someone there for you when you need help thanks you guys!