Urgent bug with accounts not syncing


Your username: Creations Of a Noob

What kind of device are you using?: iPad PRO iOS 11

1 sentence description of the problem: My account is treated like its a ”get started” account, and telling me to upgrade to a real account in order to ”save my drafts for later”.

Steps to make the problem happen:
I couldn’t recreate the bug, but I know there has been a lot of trouble with the latest update. See Hopscotch logout incident! for example.

@awesomeonion, @Liza, @Rodrigo

App Doesn't Log User into Account

They might want your more recent iPad iOS. More specific. Like iOS 11.2.6


The same glitch happened to me and @SapphiraDonut


Yes! I’m getting the same thing

It logs me out, and I click on “get started” and it transfers me to Super Mario Mini Games

It does have the little upload cloud, so idk if it’ll save :anguished: Uh oh!


Now I cant login to my + account.


I know but everyone can now they just had to click get started
Btw you discovered that


wait your super mario mini games?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Yes he is and Dragon of Darkness


? Yeah I know but im saying I cant login to my other account, it just takes me to my main account, if I try some other account it’ll take me back to the front page.




Ooh :hushed:…I’m not sure ho to fix that :thinking:


yep its fine i guess


Email THT,


Yeppers :smile:


ok, I will c:


Thanks, COAN! This bug happens when you are logged in and then upgrade to the latest version. It might not happen every time, though. I think if you press get started, you can get into your account.

We’re working on a fix now and will ask Apple for an expedited review.

Thanks again for your patience and helpful bug reports!


FYI, we are submitting a fix to the app store right now.

Here’s what happened:

Last week I made a demo version for iPads at Apple Retail stores (yay!). The issue was that we had a code path that I thought was unused except for people upgrading from a 2015 version of Hopscotch and I changed that path to work for the requirements of the demo. It turned out that code path was being used when you closed and then opened the app as a logged in user. It just didn’t show anything on the screen and passed you through to your profile. When I made the change for the demo all users ended up in the demo flow which starts the app with the get started/log in screen.

So the bug is, when you open the app, the launch screen is showing up on top of the app, even though you really are logged in.

Really sorry about this! The fix liza mentioned should work.



Thanks for fixing the problem


@Liza did you read my most recent email


Just pushed a release to the app store. Should be fixed!