URGENT: Are the words kill and d e a t h filtered in HOPSCOTCH?


I need to know the answer to the title! Those words are in my quiz


I think deat.h is bad! And Mabey kill!


i think it depends on how you use it.. like for a story i think it would be okay but if you were threatening someone (witch i know you wouldnt do cause your sooo nice) then it would be bad...


@liza @ian @alish @buildasnowman please tell me my answer I need help


Here's an example from my quiz:
Tom Marvelo Riddle, more commonly know as Lord Voldemort, You-Know- Who, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, has killed many Muggles and Wizard families by Avada Kedavra. He speaks Parseltongue and is responsible for d-e-a-t-h Eaters.
I used the real word for d e a t h.


Okay so deat.h does not get stuck I will test kill!


Try using synonyms

Synonyms of k-i-l-l:
End, ruin, exterminate, wreck, destroy

Deat.h: Passed away, no longer on Planet Earth


And both are fine!


if you use it this way i think it would be fine


I went on the collab account and I published it on my main account and when I was on my collab accounts it didn't pop up when I went to my main profile when I was on my collab


Try using synonyms (look at my post ^)


d eath eaters are their names, passed away eaters are not a thing, red da berksh!


Agreed, @SnowGirl_Studios! If it's part of a story or game but doesn't threaten anyone else or yourself, you're all good!


I'm trying to make a music video called:
The Hanging Tree from the Hunger Games,
Would Murdered be a bad word for the filter, considering it's only a story?