Uptown Q&A Ask Me Anything!



I guess lots of people are doing this so... Ask me anything!


Why did you decide to make a collab account? Did you ditch your old accounts? Why did volcanic yogurt quit? What do you think is your best project? What do you like most about hopscotch? Who follows you that left you screaming, that isn't THT?


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  1. I thought it would be fun and easier to code with a partner 2. Yes 3. He didn't quit he just made a new account and he wanted to code by himself; his new account is called Holo Studios (he hasn't made anything on it yet) 4. Your Logo 5. Learning to code and making things other people enjoy 6. AHC:grinning:, Yuxina Yammy, OS, and others

  1. Listening to random songs
  2. A little bit
  3. No
  4. F4LO Logo




How do you get inspiration for your projects?


From my imagination. And some app-store apps.