Uploading video problem


Hi @SnowGirl_Studios did you record the video on your phone? I think you can only upload images from your device :confused:

A way of uploading videos is posting it on YouTube and sharing it here but only if you have YouTube. Or it might be possible on a computer but I haven't used the forum on a computer yet so I'm not sure sorry :((

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yeah but i was able to get to the hopscotch forum on my phone... btw using the forum on a computer works that what im using right now i might have my grandfather help ,me cuz he is good with this stuff


Okay that's great tell me how it goes :smile:


he said its because of the type of phone so i am trying it on his (btw do you want to make a project together on hopscotch?) You really inspire a lot of my projects! and i like how your very nice and always helping the community


@SnowGirl_Studios ok hope it works on his phone then! (fingers crossed :wink:)

[I'm glad my projects inspire you :smiley: and I like helping people and thanks to you for helping out the community and forum too!

I'd like to make a project together but unfortunately I haven't had much time to code on Hopscotch and make projects ): ]


Same I am on VACA kinda my grandfather got out of the hospital and I am helping out him and my grandma and I thought maybe a good idea for a game would be a pet Vet or something like that and I think it would be cool to have some help


Yeah that would be a really great feature. I think the forum only lets you upload images at the moment, which is why that message keeps popping up.


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I am reviving this topic for people who have video problems like this. :smile:


Oh wow... I completely forgot all about this... Thanks for all the help @t1_hopscotch