Uploaded images don't appear when updating a published project

There seems to be a bug where people can’t upload images to their existing projects.

The uploaded image later does not appear in the custom images keyboard. And it is invisible when the project is played, both in the app and webplayer.

1 sentence description of the problem: uploaded images either don’t appear or appear as placeholder images

Steps to reproduce the problem every time, starting in a blank draft:

  1. Create a new draft and add some rules (and optionally upload a custom image if you want to compare)
  2. Publish the project
  3. Play the project and edit it
  4. Upload a new image
  5. Publish a remix (or an update)
  6. Copy the link of the remix, and play the remix on the web browser or another device where you’re not logged in

I expected this to happen: The new image shows as the intended uploaded image

But instead this happened: The new image does not appear, or appears as a placeholder. The old image appears fine.

Example 1:


A fourth enemy is supposed to be in the inventory, but it wasn’t there.

Example 2:



Example 3:

Compare thumbnail to when you play the project — one of the images disappears
To test if Image is missing (3.57.0) by Crosbyman64

Example 4:

Compare thumbnail to when you play the project — one of the images disappears

Testing uploading images 3.58.0 Remix by TalentedToothpick92

Device type, iOS version & Hopscotch version:

Affected Versions so far: 3.57.0, 3.58.0

Device: M1 iPad Pro (iPad13,8)

iPadOS 16.1

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Old context



Image of what it currently looks like in the Web Browser

Also the link to example 1 doesn’t work, probably due to that hashtag at the end.

Unfortunately for example 1, I no longer have the version (Beta 10b) that had the missing image for other users. All I have are Beta 14b and Beta 15b (both of which show all images as expected, plus some). So I’m unable to get an image for example 1 (of what was expected).


Affected Version: 3.55.2 (I haven’t tested 3.57.0 yet)

Device: M1 iPad Pro (iPad13,8)

iPadOS 16.1


I just used one of my old project to test if this bug still persists. If the image does not appear, then we know this is still occurring in 3.57.0

Edit: and yes, it’s still missing.

Also, I made a mistake, I actually saw the bug in 3.56.0 TestFlight, but I thought of 3.55.2 for some reason (mainly because it was the version before it).

So the actual affected version is 3.57.0

Sorry 'bout that.

Edit 2:

Ok. I just did some photoshop magic to recreate what was supposed to be there. It’s not perfect, like it was from the app, but this was all I got.


Yep the image was missing for me in this project too: To test if Image is missing (3.57.0) by Crosbyman64

Thanks for the details — I updated the bug report.

Edit: never mind my deleted reply — I read your post again and had my answer:

Just going to include more details here from another topic:


I managed to get steps to consistently make the problem happen^^
Also moved the bug report into the first post now.

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Good news — we have a fix for this in the works.


This should be fixed now in Version 3.59.0 Official Topic (bug fixes)

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i think there might be an issue with one of my project

i do see the snowflake in my side tho, but not nobody nor crosbyman (and i think cappuccino doesnt see it neither)


I can’t see the snowflake either.

It should work if you delete the image and upload it again after downloading the new update — let me know if you’ve tried that already though.


it just shows a H for me, yeah


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