Upgrade stuff and leaving info


So yeah, I’m still gone, that hasn’t changed.

However, I am considering sticking around to finish up Downgrade.

For those of you who don’t know, Downgrade is my Hopscotch story, posted in the Imagination topic, and the 2nd book in the Grade trilogy. The first was Upgrade, if you haven’t guessed :P. The title of the third book is still in the works.

I had a whole plotline and everything, and I’m reluctant to stop writing it- I consider the Grade series as “Writing Practice,” and it’s been really helpful as a study guide. My writing’s steadily improved throughout the entire story, and it would be a shame to cut short this arc of constant improvement.

But I’m not sure… spending time on this site will inevitably lead to me getting sucked in again.

So, in conclusion, I have no idea whether I’m going to finish it or not, and need time to think about it. Will update once (heh heh) I’ve come to a decision.





Maybe write it off of the site and only come on to post each chapter using copy and paste?


That’s a possibility. However, what with the plot twists I have planned, I might want to stick around to see people’s reactions to the chapters.


Do what you feel are the best for you. If you want to finish the story, I would be really happy to read it.




That’s an idea, although it doesn’t have that ring to it…
And wouldn’t the second one be called Middlegrade? xP


But yes, do that.


leaves to read story for a sec




Hi senpai


Lyra k

Idk if I’d want to read the story or not

I support you leaving



Do what you want lol
The story is decent, but you don’t really need to read it lol


For now I’m reading Persona 4 fan fiction