Updating responses for forum guidelines?


Over time, it seems our expectations of the forum have shifted a bit and what we are okay with. Is there anything we should add on how we respond to things?

I think firstly, what do we value as a community? Here are our guidelines at the moment:

Some points I have seen us reflecting on:

Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]
Request a custom group in the forum [Closed]
Question: Raising the trust level of Random Stuff to members+
A baseline for internet civility
'Todo list' for forum

Thoughts on issues


Communication outside the forum:

Thoughts on responses


  • reminding people
  • close the topic


  • reminding people
  • flagging


  • notify staff


Thank you for linking my post here! This is a great idea for a topic :wink:


I think that THT should write about Communication outside the forum more specified, like @Gobli09 said in the post you linked. Many people are unsure about where you can communicate, and if you are allowed to chat in the YouTube comment box for a channel that you are allowed to share. That rule is a rule that would have to be explained.


That is a good point hmm. I can see that people already comment on Hopscotch's Youtube videos as an example.


Yes, I have seen this too, and you can easially solve this as a channel owner by following these steps:


Yes, but I believe there is still a way to send a message privately. See here: how to send a private message on YouTube


I didn´t knew that you could do that! We should really inform Liza and the rest of THT about it.


Yeah, I think we just shouldn't be able to give anything out related to google because there is almost always a way to talk privately without moderation. So, it's like all or none. Kind of.


Yes. Do you remember the Docs? They got banned last year.


Yeah hmm this is a concern :frowning:


As for off-topicness on the forum, I've been thinking about this.

I have been trying to get a sense of Hopscotch's values and the community's interests. (Hopscotch's blog has a lot of great stuff by the way)

Just as a base at the moment, how do people feel if we make it okay to post things that are related to:

  • learning/sharing knowledge with each other
  • creativity
  • coding

It is true that most of the trouble on the forum comes from incidents in general topics/off-topic posts at the moment... hmm.

I don't really know how to address chatting about life. It is hard, as I understand we would like to hear more about each other, and that some people feel supported on the forum, but it's not necessarily the purpose of the place — the Hopscotch Team has a lot to manage already too

Question: Raising the trust level of Random Stuff to members+

I think this is a great base :D


This is basically what the forum is based on. It is made so you can share code, ask for help and just meet other Hopscotches (without being too off-topic). I have thought of this way to make the guidelines easier to know:
Make a pop-up box every time you create a new topic:
We do have a blue pop-up when you create a topic that shows related topics, but I think that we should replace it with the guidelines or at least notify about them. An example of that could be a text saying:
Hey! Are you sure that you want to create this topic? Discussions are good, but remember this:

  • This topic should be related to Hopscotch, the hopscotch forum or coding in general.
  • All discussions are best if we keep them at the same place. If there is a topic like yours already, please consider posting there instead.
  • Have you used the OMTL in your topic? If so, please check that you have followed the OMTL guidelines (we could insert a link there)

I also saw this on the Discource website, maybe it would be worth trying here on the forum? It would be easier to find an answer to your question to avoid duplicating topics:

I am thinking of the "official solution" and the voting system. I have seen that on other coding websites.


I have more to add to the base:

  • collaboration
  • giving help

And hmm I was reflecting more, and that giving each other support is a core of a lot of Hopscotchers...


Yeah I think it would be awesome too if the OMTL guidelines could pop up whenever someone mentioned @OMTL :smiley: Hmm I'm not sure if there's a way to change that though. And guidelines in general would be helpful for whenever a topic is created, I think they do appear for people's first two topics.

And yeah I have seen the solved answer plugin too on other forums. Hmm so far questions and answers seem to be going okay, and there mightn't even be an answer immediately or just one correct answer for a programming problem. will keep having a think about it :thinking:


Okay, it is great that you are thinking of adding these things, and maybe you just can adjust the settings so the guidelines box pops up more?


Hmm not sure if I can control that, or if we will get to have the Solved plugin, but I think it's really lovely of you to suggest either way :smile: thank you a lot for sharing ideas!


No problem, I just saw this feature and I thought that it would be really cool to have on this forum. Good luck figuring out what to do, thank you for listening to me and the rest of the community :slight_smile: