Updating a project shouldn’t bump it to tab top

If you look at tabs like excellent in hopscotch, you can see projects that have been at the top for weeks, regardless of new projects being curated. Users can update a project, which also pushes it to the top of the respective tabs it’s in. it makes it rather difficult to find newer projects when the top has projects that have been continuously updated and bumped up.
I think this is an excellent feature for the creator of the project’s published tab, but it messes with the regular tabs.

  • I agree with your points
  • I think it needs more work
  • I disagree with your points
  • I have a different idea (reply if you’d like)

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Excellent idea! I’d love for the excellent tab to become less cluttered—would make it wayyy easier to find projects.

I believe someone has made a topic about this, so @Leaders, could you merge, please? Thanks!