Updates on My Game (idk it doesn’t have a name yet)



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Oh sheesh that acc got suspended too that’s rough man…


Thanks! Yeah, if you can connect a keyboard it’s much easier.


Well it’s only till March first, so it’s not to bad. I get it. I knew it was wrong. I break a few rules a lot so I’m surprised it took this long tbh.


Absolutely! But the piano roll is amazing too, even though it is not unique to LMMS.


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@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46 Ok actually we did a lot this week.

  1. A lot more facesprites were done. I think I finished most of them for 3 characters.
  2. A way for me to get ideas for songs might of been thought up… but I’ll probably do something else in the end.

Ok while that doesn’t sound like to much… but considering it was really only 3 days considering how late I was and how I got suspended so that’s something. Also I’m doing it a day early cause I don’t want to forget tomorrow and a day earlier is better than 3 days later. As for the questions… here’s the answers!

@Scantron_46 -

Potential Spoilers

Blossom- tutorial
Ailina- ??? (Legit just thought of them so you might not even directly fight them)
Lio- Hes a little kid and it practically harmless and just wants to have fun
Cyrene- if you kill lio… I think. Idk what we’re doing with sparing and killing. We might use it, might not. I know we are doing something with friendship in the end though.
Khione- Shes bored. There’s probably more but for now she’s just bored. She’s not evil btw.
Milo- Hes a scientist who makes these great inventions that get stolen and eventually become successful and he gets no credit. He thinks your going to do that to so goes to fight you (another person who’s pretty weak)
Phred- ???(haven’t really thought about much, but in my notes I have that he’s trying to be cool… but the character has developed a lot since then so that’s pretty inaccurate)
Atticus- Trying to impress Cyrene… who keeps not rejecting his love (it’s a whole joke we have I’ll go into it eventually)
Kamden- uhh I think there in denial Or something.
Hel- ??? Probably cause of the thing you did to Kamden…
Mkate- He thinks it’s what the kingdom wants… another thing that makes sense in more detail tbh.

Well your actions do have consequences. Like I said before idk were we are on the whole sparring and killing aspect, but as of now you can get different outcomes depending on how you treat the other characters. I’m pretty sure it’s all vaguely the same, but with it’s differences nonetheless.

Ok so that’s it for now! See you nest Saturday(or Sunday. Or Friday) !


Oh ok so now I talked to my friends about the whole thing with Phred and now he’s protecting Atticus cause he looks at you as a threat


Maybe instead of focusing on sparing and killing, you could focus more on the friendship aspect. You could have a system where certain actions increase friendship, and others decrease friendship. You could make it so that the level you achieve affects parts of the story. For example, you could have a part where you need to save a character, but can’t if your friendship isn’t at a certain level. You could also make paths that rely on having low friendship, kind of like the genocide route in Undertale. Assuming these characters become party members, you could also have it give bonuses like higher stats.
With regards to actual characters, it’s good that you have an idea of what their personalities and motivations are, just make sure you do enough to have them stand out from each other. With such a large cast of characters, it can get easy to forget who is who.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46
Yeah, I took a week off. It was Wednesday and I thought it would be better to just wait a week before I did another one.
Ok so this weeks is different from the past updates… as in we’re working on something else. I want to say that we’re not canceling this project, just postponing it. Dont worry, I have everything for this game written down so I won’t forget it. It’s still happening, just not now. We decided to use Unity, and we thought it was a good idea to do a project to get used to the program. Though it’s a 2D platformer (what we just started) and the old idea was a RPG, it’s still a good idea to get used to everything. The game we started now will most likely be free to play, but if it’s not with won’t cost anything more that $5 at most, though the intent was to make it free. So yeah. I you want me to do updates on it just tell me, though I’ll be releasing a trailer and demo once the first part (Idk what to really call it) is done. Well, probably a demo if I figure out how to link it lol. So uhh, have a nice week.


That’s really cool! I’d love to be tagged for side updates on your side project as well – just tag me for any updates basically lol. Your games are super chillio and I can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

You have a great week too :slight_smile:


I would really like updates on your new game too, if possible. It sounds awesome, good luck with both things!


Have you guys considered using RPG Maker?