Updates on My Game (idk it doesn’t have a name yet)



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@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46 I always love doing these updates…
Once again, we didn’t do much this week, but we are showing off some of the stuff we did.
1)More ideas for character backstory that probably won’t appear in game but will be cannon.
2)Got a program to learn code, but not what we’re using. Actually, we might use it if it’s sutiable for making games…
Thats it
That’s all we got to. Well, time to show off some sprites (disclaimer I’m not very good at making sprites but I’m showing what we got. None of them are final but as of now are what we’re going to use)


I need to fix the hair.

No comment.

Bootleg Sasuke

Was hard to get the size right.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the game. I’ll be glad to answer.


These characters look really good! I’m happy to see that you’re making progress.


Awhile ago, I made a little animation for our logo. I can’t find a way to get the video of it onto here (yes, I know how to export photos and videos, it’s problems with getting the gif of the animation saved in my computer or phone). Once I get it working, I’ll post it.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46
Hello! its been another week, and time to say what we got done.

1)Finished main storyline, though I mentioned that before.
2)Got a new program for music. We’re not using FL Studio (I cant afford it) so instead were using LMMS, a free program that I actually like. Im just having trouble hooking it up to my MIDI Keyboard (Claims it doesn’t have MIDI support as default and don’t know how to edit the settings to make it)

and that’s about it…
Once again don’t be afraid to as any questions about the game and see you next week.


That sounds cool. I’d love to play it when it’s finished (:
How long do you reckon it take?


I’ve actually been looking for a FL Studio alternative, so I will definetly give LMMS a try! I think that I’ve already done that before, but I’m going to try it again. And thanks for the update.


@Writer_Lillian thanks:). I really don’t know how long it will take, but considering all we have are those few character sprites there, I would guess 1-3 years. Though it might be more or less depending on how quickly we learn to code and how much music we need to do.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46
Oh no. I’ve been putting off doing this and now it’s almost 2 days late! So sorry :sweat_smile:. Well anyways, let’s get on to it. Well, I would say that if we gotten anything done :/. One of the least productive weeks to say the least. Well, there is one thing I guess people might care about.
•I got my MIDI keyboard working with LMMS. Though I’m totally new to this stuff and I’m wondering if I can carry sounds over from my keyboard and onto the program. I have a Casio CDP-220R and any help you have is really appreciated:).

Another thing that is t really an update but an announcement- we might need a end-game quest at (you guessed it) the end of the game. The one issue it, we have absolutely no ideas. If you are wondering if you can help just tell me and I will give you all of the story we have right now and you can think of a way to expand it without it feeling to pushy or forced. You would get all credit for that part of the story but that would require you to have the story spoiled so yeah:/. If you really don’t care about that then I can tell you and you can try to help. There’s no that your idea would be used, but if it was, we would notify you. Thanks for listening:).


Nice that you are starting to figure out how to use LMMS. I would Google or search on YouTube to see if there are any answers to your questions.


I don’t care that much about spoilers, I might be able to help.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46
Oof. I’m late. I know. I’m sorry.

1)So I found out how to download soundfonts… that’s good.
2)Started concept of the character houses.
3)Some dialogue was thought up.
4)Ideas for character dev and stuff like that.

For the people who care, here’s a brief plot/story-


You find this other world and go through it, making friends or just getting acquainted with the people there. At the end you fight the king/prince who’s not much older that you. I should probably mention that your probably an adolescent (young adult). He thinks it’s what the people of the kingom want, but he doesn’t want to. He gives it his all, though. You eventually win and he tells you how you got there. What we plan to do is you go back through the 5 areas that you went though throughout the game (not counting the castle or castle town). All areas have 1 person from it aside from the first area witch has none (you count as the character from there) and the second area, witch has 2, but for the sake of it let’s just leave them as the same person. As you say goodbye to them they decide they want to see your journey out to the end and follow you to where your going to go back home. You ask them to come but they refuse. They don’t want to leave their world. There perfectly happy there. You have a choice to stay if you want, though. That’s all we have for now. Any ways we can make it better or added parts would be appreciated :). Also, this is just it very stripped down and just the base of the story, so please keep that in mind.

Well thanks and I’m going to try to keep on seclude from now on!


Seems pretty good. Quick question though, what are the motivations of the characters that join you on your journey? Knowing that gives you more room to expand on the world you’re creating, and will make the game more fun to play through, and possibly help you with writing for the antagonist.


Maybe there should be some choices that affect the story instead of a just straightforward this then that. I personally (just my opinion) prefer games where you can do multiple things to change the outcomes of a situation. Hope this idea helps @Potato_Pikachu


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@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people @A_Metalhead @Scantron_46 Ok I needed to redo the post so let’s go.

1)Antagonist was thought up aside from design
2)a few character portraits were made
Here’s one I ended up making

If anyone asks this is the account for the ‘company’ (of 3 people)


That looks awesome! By the way, I’ve downloaded LMMS and it is awesome. I also connected a MIDI keyboard successfully and I must say that it is really easy.